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Serving the best coffee to the Piedmont and Summerset areas of the Black Hills

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Transitioning from healthcare to entrepreneurship: The story of Tia and You'Nique Brew

After years in the healthcare industry, Tia was ready for a change. She had always harbored a desire to own her own business. So, with her friend Marcy, she decided to fill a market gap in the Piedmont and Summerset areas by opening a cafe that served breakfast, lunch, and coffee. Together, they worked hard to establish and grow You’Nique Brew. Fast forward to 2024… and exciting changes are on the horizon as they bring their unique cafe experience to you!

St Patrick's inspired espresso drink in a to go cup

Our coffee

Creating a unique coffee experience - just for you!

At our café, we’re dedicated to making your coffee experience truly exceptional. Our mission is to guide and educate you to savor every sip of your coffee. In South Dakota, we are the only coffee shop serving Normal Roasting Company of Burwell Nebraska beans, and we’re proud to be You’Nique. Every drink we make is tailored to suit your specific tastes, and we’re always happy to share our favorites or help you discover yours.